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For a while I’ve been watching PET bottles filament maker projects on YouTube. There are a lot of them, and I have to say, it is a very interesting project and I wanted to make one as well. So, following the same steps and ideas, I’ve made the design, made a schematic for a PCB, 3D printed some parts, made some tests and slowly made my own bottle to filament machine. Right now is not perfect, but at least, does it work? Well, check the post till the end to find out. I’ve made a PCB to go with this project and order it from PCBWAY, and basically, together with an Arduino, it should control the heating block temperature, the feeding speed, maybe a fan, it could also have a display and a control encoder and so on. So guys, let’s see how to make a bottle to filament maker and then try to print something with that filament. So, let’s get started.

Ok so go below and download all the 3D files that we need. They were all printed with PLA filament. Together with the 3D parts we need bearings, the 608zz, screws, other components for the PCB, an Arduino, an LCD and more. The PCB will work at 12V so make sure you have a decent power supply for that with enough power for the heater.”

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