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Hello guys if you are electronics guy like me and making projects for learning and fun, so many time you need to cut some wire for the project, as feel so bored to always cut wires manually because I need it frequently so I build my own tiny machine to cut wire for me.

This post is about how I have made a machine to cut electric wire in predefined length and quantity.
Arduino nano is used as microcontroller, for the project I have used 2 NEMA 17 stepper motor one for Feed and one for cutting.

Wire is pushed towards cutter by using extruder of 3d printer
One 16X2 I2C LCD display used for data visualization and three Push buttons are used for data Input..

To give professional and neat and clean look to my project I have design a PCB and order it from JLCPCB

JLCPCB is leader in PCB manufacturing they are providing 10 prototype PCB in just 2$

$2 for 10 PCBs (Any Color):”

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