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I made an Arduino-based laser CNC wood engraver and thin paper cutter using old DVD drives, 250mW laser. Playing area is 40mm x 40mm max.

This is an tutorials on how I made an Arduino-based CNC laser wood engraver and thing paper cutter using old DVD drives and a 250mW laser. Playing area is 40mm x 40mm max.

Isn’t it fun making a own machine out of old things?

Step 1: Parts and Materials Required
Arduino Nano (with usb cable)
2x DVD drive stepper mechanism
2x A4988 stepper motor driver modules (or GRBL shield)
250mW Laser with adjustable lens (or above)
12v 2Amps power supply minimum
1x 10k resistor
1x 47ohm resistor
1x LM7805 voltage regulator (with heatsink)
Blank PCB Board
Male and Female Headers
2.5mm JST XH-Style 2pin male connector
1x 1000uf 16v capacitor
Jumper cables
8x small neodymium magnets ( which I have salvaged from DVD lens mechanism)
1x 2pin plug in screw terminal block connector
Zip ties (100mm)
Super Glue
Epoxy Glue
Wooden plyboard
Acrylic sheet
Some M4 screws, bolts and nuts
Laser Safety Glasses
LASER SAFETY GLASSES are must needed in this project.”

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