For my Christmas, I 3D printed my brother the Flutter Scout car. It is a remote control car that is entirely 3D printed. The following link has it’s GitHub page with its parts and information about it: This car was the inspiration for my project. The problem with this car was my middle school brother with ADD did not have the attention span to put it together and he could not keep track of all the parts. So I look for other models that had easier assembly.
I looked at OpenRC cars on Thingiverse. However, many required lots of non printed parts and importantly were not easily assembled. This project for me was about making something I could assemble with my younger brother without him losing focus.
So, I have designed a car that has several modules and combinations it can be assembled in. Currently, there are two gearbox designs, one steering assembly, and several types of tires. I have also tried to make it possible to easily add a body to the car, which I intend to design and upload soon.
Each step has attached the assembly instructions and the corresponding parts with technical drawings.”


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