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Hi guys, so this instructable will help you out to make simple, less budget Arduino cnc plotter.
In this project i had used some recycled parts like printer rail, smps box cd drive mechanism etc..
so the supplies that you should buy are less and less in cost too.
I was very curious about all these kind of stuff so that i had started building this project couple of months before. well i thought i can draw the school records using this great 2D machine. This instructable will cover almost all the area to build a high quality cnc machine.
Firstly I will step into building the mechanical setup of the cnc machine. I had used Fusion 360 to express my idea into reality in making this project. Since i am using Fusion 360 for first time, I took lots of time in designing some of the parts. I have given the resultant model below.
Coming back to the software and hardware parts, I had used Arduino UNO ,which acts as motherboard for this project. Used grbl v1.1h. I will give a detailed explanation on about how to load firmware, creating custom G-Code, handling the user friendly G-Code Sender.
And you can use this machine to draw birthday cards, record drawing works,writing letters,decorating pages with your own ideas…… :).

Hardware Parts:
Nema 17 Stepper Motor x3
Arduino Uno x1
Mounting L Brackets for Nema 17 x2
A4988 Stepper Motor driver x4
CNC Expansion shiled (A4988 compatible) x1 • CHPSS535 Idle Pulley x2
GT2 timing belt x2 of 2m each • Smooth rod 0.5m x2 • GT2 Pulley, 20 Teeth, 5mm Bore for 6mm Belt x3
DVD stpper motor x1
12v 2a Power supply x2
some connecting/normal wires
data cable for arduino x1
high speed cooling fan 12v 1.53A x1
Components : (optional)
capacitors 25v 2200uf x2
capacitors 63v 1000uf x1
LM317 voltage regulator ic x1
LM7805 ic x3
LM7812 ic x1
10k potentiometer x1
Realy Module x1
Some other parts:
Inkjet printer motor rail mechanism (for X-Axis)
R/W DVD lens mechanism (for Z-Axis)
Wooden block each of 0.7m x2
Wooden block x1 (for x linear rail platform)”

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