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This is my P-CNC plotter which is laid out and disguised as a quadruped robot. Today, I’d like to share how I made it. It was quite simple, no 3D printer required, just need my meticulousness, care and a little patience.
Please check the brief description and how P-Plotter works in the video below before getting started.

Main components are as follows:

1pcs x Arduino Uno R3
If you are new to Arduino, you can buy a kit named “Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino” with 10 additional Grove Arduino sensors all in one piece of the board. All modules are pre-wired, no breadboard and jumper cables required. And it will bring you the simplest way to get started with Arduino.

1pcs x Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL
3pcs x Stepper Motor Driver A4988
2pcs x Stepper motor NEMA 17
1pcs x Old CD/DVD Burner Writer Rom Player Drive - Compact Type
2pcs x Round Bar Shaft Rod Diameter 8mm, Length 400mm
2pcs x T8 Lead Screw 2mm Pitch, 8mm Lead , Length 400mm with Copper Nut
12pcs x Ball Flanged Shielded Bearings 8 x 22 x 7mm
1pcs x Aluminum Flexible Shaft Coupling, Inner Hole Size: 10mm x 10mm It is used to clamp the pen/ pencil.
2pcs x Aluminum Flexible Shaft Coupling, Inner Hole Size: 5mm x 8mm
2pcs x XH2.54mm – 4P 20cm Wire Cable Double Connector
1pcs x 5mm DC Female Power Plug
1pcs x Power Supply 12VDC
1pcs x Clear/White Acrylic, size A3, thickness 5~10mm
1 meter x 8P/16P Rainbow Ribbon Cable
Some small cable ties, cable spiral wrap, bolts and nuts.

PVC pipes and its fittings:

1 meter x PVC Pipe Ø42mm.
1 meter x PVC Pipe Ø60mm.
1pcs x Cross PVC Pipe Ø42mm.
6pcs x End Cap PVC Pipe Ø42mm.
6pcs x End Cap PVC Pipe Ø60mm.”

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