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We will try to make a simple Triple CNC machine with you and so different others…

Hi Makers,

After a few weeks’ break, we are back with a new project. In this video, we will try to make a simple cnc machine with you. “ A SIMPLE HOMEMADE TRIPLE CNC MACHINE “.

Yes you heard right. We have done this before :) You can check in this link :

But this time we have improved our machine. We upgraded. And there is a wonderful surprise for you in this CNC machine. we’ve used a system you’ve never seen anywhere. Spindel motor or a dremel was always used on Youtube and different platforms. You are aware of this. In this project we used a “BRUSHLESS MOTOR” or “DRONE MOTOR”. Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong.

Simple Homemade Triple CNC Machine has 3 features with this function. With this cnc machine you will be able to do 3 different jobs.

Engraving with Brushless Motor as a Router,
Laser cutting and drawing
Drawing with pen as a Plotter.
With the new drawings that we designed as a plug-in, it will be quite simple to use CNC. All you have to do is remove the parts we share in the video description from your 3D printer and provide the necessary materials. Our design is quite simple. No unnecessary material. No unnecessary wires.

In our video, we tried to show how to do our CNC machine in the finest detail. We went step by step.”

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