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Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS on Xilinx Zynq

A guide on how to debug your Embedded FreeRTOS applications running on an Avnet MiniZed board in an operating system aware way.

When writing embedded software applications on top of an operating system it is often difficult to detect certain timing issues or explain some weird behavior. What is exactly going wrong? Another thing is when studying embedded operating systems it is useful to have a visual presentation of the running behavior of your system. Learning about task priorities, scheduler settings, queue management,…

I have found Percepio Tracealyzer a perfect tool for this kind of things. Tracealyzer can work in 2 ways: in snapshot mode (this is what this tutorial is about) or in streaming mode.

For this guide you are in need for an Avnet MiniZed board (Xilinx Zynq based), the Xilinx vivado tools and Percepio tracealyzer 4 (evaluation version on their website).”

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