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Automatic Drink Mixer

In this tutorial we will attempt to create a system that will integrate electrical hardware, software, and mechanical systems to complete the task of drink mixing automation. The final product is a drink carousel that has the capability of pouring drinks from 3 separate bottles as indicated from a user computer using USB. For the prototype designed, a Xilinx Zybo development board was used along with the Vivado Design Suite. Specific to the Zybo board is its system on chip architecture allowing us to design the FPGA hardware and software on the Zynq processor included with the Xilinx IP library. The mechanical system is comprised of a drink carousel and rubber belt attached to the continuous servo to locate the desired bottle and the standard servo is used to dispense the liquid. Be aware when reading these instructions that the purpose of this project was to design around the hardware/software platform and the documentation for the development on this board will be far more thorough than that of the mechanical system.”

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