IOT123 - I2C PCB Rails

Where durable casings are not needed, the ASSIMILATE IOT NETWORK SENSORS and ACTORS can stack more efficiently and with less resources and effort, straight onto minimalist rails. The encasing cylinders can be used (as shown in this build) or the underlying bricks can be plugged in directly.
The two components are:
A Primary Rail which has male headers for the D1M WIFI BLOCK (or a D1 Mini with the headers applied correctly) and a single socket for a IOT123 BRICK or an ASSIMILATE SENSOR / ACTOR. This includes the pullup resistors for the I2C lines. A Secondary Rail with 2 Sockets. These can be daisy chained, and if using IOT123 BRICKS only, extra sockets can be added to each PCB.The mounting and joining of the PCBs is entirely customizable, though I have provided simple examples.”


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