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In this project I’m showing you step by step how to build a low cost Arduino based mini CNC ink plotter machine using a scrap DVD player’s stepper motors , Arduino NANO, and also I will show you how to make a circuit/driver for stepper motors. The maximum printing area of this CNC machine is (40*40mm). You can use this machine for drawing labels, symbols etc., this CNC machine is requires only 5V, 1A of power for the working.

- Arduino Nano/UNO
- Two scrap DVD players
- Servo Motor
- L293D IC *2
- Screw terminals * 5
- Female/male header pins
- Zero PCB board
- 90 degree aluminum angle
- Plywood sheet
- PVC or acrylic sheet
- Nut bolts
- 5v,1amp adapter”

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