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Mini Regulated Power Supply Unit

I’ve always been attracted by compact instruments, and I love to buy electronics kits and build small and pretty devices.Years ago I bought a regulated power supply unit (PSU), which has the interesting feature to vary current intensity other than voltage.Voltage (Volt) is the “pressure” of the electric current, and intensity (Ampere) is the “flow rate” of the current. You have a big power (Watt) when you have a high flow which push hard ;-)

As first thing I tested my device, and I started to imagine the best way to build something around it. As you can see I connected it to the battery pack I lately refurbished with ten 18650 cells. Since that Li-Ion power bank is quite powerful now, I wished to take the best advantage from it. I also thought to incorporate the device inside the battery pack, but space was not enough. This way the regulated PSU can be powered by any battery or wall plug power supply.
Separate the top and bottom boards unscrewing the four screws, which act as connectors too.”

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