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This is a low cost, modular elctronics lab system for hobbyists. The customizable modules include fixed and variable power supplies, measurement tools, component testers and much more. Everything in here is done with open source software, including FreeCAD for all the 3d printable files and KiCAD for the PCBs. I have made a set of modules already and am in the process of creating many more. Raw PCB project files, Gerbers and FreeCAD projects are all uploaded here for your customizing needs, while the finished modules are uploaded to Thingiverse. Please be sure to upload any remix you do as it might be useful for others and especially myself!

The system features a set of backpanel bus PCBs as well as panel breakout PCBs. While the backpanel bus is not neccesary, it keeps the system modular, hot swappable and tidy. You can have the gerbers manufactured for cheap at your favorite chinese PCB house or just shoot me a message. I might have spares.

Finished modules for printing yourself for any module can be found here in my Thingiverse collection. For most of the modules a printbed of 160x160mm and 175mm of height is sufficient, but the ATX and SFX module require print bed sizes of up to 250mm width (Prusa MK2 and up dimensions). I printed all of the modules in PLA and just to speed things up i used a 0.6mm nozzle but that is not required at all.”

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