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EscoriaBot is a robot made with recycled material and Arduino electronics.

Since I saw R2-D2 more than 40 years ago in my childhood I wanted to have a robot.

But there was a great barrier between me and my dreams, the Electronics and this problem remained for many more years.

As a user, an advocate of free software, I had heard of arduino but it seemed too difficult for me until my friend Gustavo helped me choose my first kit.

I put it together and kept going.

I did not like the chassis because it was stuck with any obstacle I decided to make my own chassis And it worked but I wanted something more powerful

So I started looking for alternatives and researching I found several YouTube channels such as The Post Apocalyptic Inventor or Espacio de César where I realized that I could take advantage of many discard devices and incidentally make the planet cleaner.

I started looking for all kinds of gadgets from which I could get parts.

I started recycling printer motors, and as I was learning I rescued more and more parts.

Today I disassemble all kinds of devices and take advantage of many more parts, such as gears, gearboxes, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, etc.

I ended up making two versions: a 60 cm long x 37 cm wide caterpillar robot called EscoriaBot and another more modest 36 cm x 25 cm called BotSura

It is made from recycled poster plastic, I don’t know what type of plastic it is but it seems like a very dense foam, anyway it could be made of any type of plain material or recycled plastic.”

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