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DYI variable psu (1.2-60V/8A) based on a ATX power supply unit, with the following outputs:

- 3.3/5/12V 10A
- 1.2-12V 8A
- 12-60V 8A
- USB power/charge 3A

This is a personal project and all information is presented “as-is” without any guarantee whatsoever, including - but not only - regarding safety and accurracy. To be clear, if you use any information present in this repository, you are on your own. If you die from it, its your problem, not mine.

Working with mains power may result in electric shock, serious injuries or even death. This project makes use of lethal voltages and currents, and appropriate protection is strongly advised. Additionally, these kind of projects may constitute a fire hazard and emit toxic fumes - never leave the apparatus working without proper supervision. If it burns down your house, kills your pet or your children, its your fault - you’ve been warned.

If you are evaluating this to save money, consider purchasing a proper PSU instead. Factoring in all the required parts and time, this project is actually more expensive than buying a cheap one from aliexpress or banggood.

This project uses a Cooler Master RS-500-PSAP-J3 ATX PSU. This specific PSU has a large fan on a side of the case, instead of a smaller one on the back. This design increases air flow, and is used in this project as a ventilation mechanism for the 3d printed case. Any other modern ATX PSU may be used, as long as it has the same ventilation design; using a classic fan-in-the-rear PSU may cause heat problems.

Please note that this particular PSU uses crappy AWG20 wiring, so desired output amperage is achieved by joining multiple wires for a given connection.”

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