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Hello to all boys and girls, today we will see together how I made a very compact DIY benchtop variable power supply that offers the possibility of adjusting the voltage, the current and has different types of inputs and outputs to be able to use it in the most versatile way possible.


- A 220V - 12V 5A transformer
- A ZK-4KX Buck Boost converter module
- 2X XT60 female connectors
- 1X XT60 Male connector
- 1X THT screw terminals
- 3X red Banana connectors
- 1X Black Banana Connector
- 1X Panel mount fuse holder
- 1X 5A Fuse
- 1X Jack DC Female
- 1X Electric bipolar switch
- 1X Female IEC C14 with bipolar switch
- 1X Integrated diode bridge
- 2X Capacitors 2200µF
- 1X Junction Box 110mm * 150mm * 70mm
- 1x Cooling fan 80mm x 80mm”

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