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ATX Bench Power Supply

In this instructable I’ll show you how to turn a working ATX PSU into a bench power supply.
For this design I got a lot of inspiration from similar projects.
Note: before starting this project make sure the power supply is unplugged and turned off.

For this project you will need the following parts and tools:


- ATX power supply x1
- Female Banana Plugs x10
- 5x20 Fuse panel mount x5
- 5x20 Fuse (value depends on your power supply) x5
- 5Ω 10W Resistor x1
- Perfboard x1
- Multi-turn Potmeter x1
- Voltage meter x1
- On/Off Switch x1
- Step-down Buck Converter XL4005 5A x1
- M3x5x5 3D-print inserts x8
- M3 screws x8


- 3D printer
- Soldering iron
- Wire Strippers
- Cutting pliers
- Screwdriver
- Super glue”

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