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So hey guys in today’s article we are going to make a DIY lab bench power supply circuit. As you know using this circuit we can adjustable the voltage but we can also adjust the current at 10 amperes. And if you are reading this article then I bet you. You are an “Electronics Hobbyist” Who may be thinking of buying a new lab bench power supply. Or maybe you are thinking of making a circuit of your own. That’s why you came here to read this article.

Sorry to say but this time I am not going to explain too much like my previous article FM Transmitter Circuit and by the way if you did not read you can read.
For building, this circuit below components is needed. These are easily available in the market.

- Transistor -: TIP2N3055 Transistor, TIP41 Transistor
- Resistor -: 680Ω 2, 470Ω, 4.7K, 2.2K, 1K 2
- Capacitor -: 1Uf, 100Uf, 10Uf 50V, 100nf (Code 104)
- Potentiometer -: 10K, 47K
- 7812 Voltage Regulator
- LM723 IC
- Green LED

So for making a Lab Bench Circuit, I am using a custom-made PCB, without PCB you can make in zero PCB But it will not look so good in appearance.

In custom-made PCB. you already know you have to just put all components and after soldering your circuit is ready to go.”

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