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Micro Breadboard Power Supply

A small Micro USB connected power supply that is designed to fit onto the power rails of a standard solderless breadboard.

While working with some of the more common breadboard power supplies that are available, I was always wanting something easier to use.It seems like these days I have significantly more Micro USB cables and USB wall adapters laying around than I do wall adapters with a barrel connector. There was also that female USB A port that I never found a good use for.

I liked the way it fits into the breadboard, and the 3.3V and 5V regulators are handy. However, I wanted something a bit more practical for my circuit experiments.

Seeking Something Better
So what to do when faced with wanting something to exist that doesn’t quite exist yet? Make it!

I set about thinking about what it was that I wanted to have as a feature list:

Micro USB Connector
Screw Terminal for bare wires
5V and 3.3V regulators for common digital circuits
Bulk capacitance for power filtering
Indication for each regulator
Selectable output for each side of a breadboard’s power rails
PCB Headers spaced to match the width of a standard breadboard
With this feature set in hand, it was time to start capturing the schematic.”

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