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Power supplies are the most basic tool every DIY / maker / electro-enthusiast should have. While the lab bench power supplies are great but you can’t carry them everywhere and that’s why you need a portable power supply, but they are generally restricted to 12-volt & 5-volt battery pack and to create a variable supply from that you need some circuitry which consumes some space in the breadboard. Also, the variable supply made with LM317 type linear regulator can’t provide enough current, and because it is a linear supply it wastes a lot of energy and can’t provide output voltage greater than the input.
In this Instructables, I am going to show how I created a portable compact and efficient variable power supply that can provide from 0 volts to 30 volts with 1.5 amperes using very few components.

3 Digits Digital Voltmeter
XL6009 Buck Boost Module
7805 Regulator SMD
10K Ohm Potentiometer
10uF / 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor
10nF Ceramic Capacitor
Male/Female 2.54 Headers
SPST Power Switch
5mm LED and Resistor
DC Barrel Jack
12V AC/DC Adapter
and some 3D Printer Parts.

For PCB Manufacturing (If you preparing PCB yourself)

A4 Glossy sheet
Copper Clad
Marker and Laser Printer”

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