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i first made this sollar light last summer when we had problems with electricity in our cabin (tree fall on power line and we didn’t have any lightsource when we wanted to stay there over night)
it works werry well and when my friend saw it he ask me if i can make him something simmilar for camping
so i decided to make PCB because it has problems with overheating and soldering componnents together just with wires was too long process
it is made out of three LiIon battery chargers for three 18650 batteries (you can use any Liion battery)
each battery have its own charger with protection circuits and if solderable jumpers are not soldered you can use each battery separately
when you connect one of these jumpers they will conect battery to battery out and to step up converter if you add switch or jumper to switch terminal
out terminals from step up converter are marked as 5V out because i using USB lights from ebay
but you can also use it for whatever you want just set different voltage”

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