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This is a temperature-controlled box that is fairly easy to make, and will allow warm stratification of Australian native seeds. Also, it good for a biohackers cheap agar plate incubator.
Many plants will not germinate until after a warm period. This is an adaptation to prevent them from germinating in an unseasonable summer rain and then dying to subsequent lack of water. Storage of seeds at elevated temperatures is called hot stratification.
This device is:

Low power ( it runs from a 9v power pack “wall wart”)
Inexpensive: My build cost was around $40
Programmable: You can alternate between low and high (night and day) temperatures to cycle a summer of nights into just over a week !
Near-unique. Other than a $2000 lab oven, there is nothing else like it
Also useful as a cheap incubator for DIY Bio projects, such as incubating bacterial plates”

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