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For this instructable, I will cover how to create this wood and acrylic mini light cube without using any power tools.

I was initially inspired by RepRevMakes LED lamp on YouTube, however I did not have access to a circular saw so could not build it. I decided to re-engineer a version so it could be built without any power tools using only pre-cut parts ordered online.

This creates a cube approximately 6.6 cm which is about the size of a Rubix cube, though you could scale this design up.

In addition to the steps in this guide, I have created this short animated version on You Tube that covers the full build process and parts.

The cube is made from pre-cut parts that are glued together.

26 x wooden cubes 20mm x 20mm x 20mm
14 x 3mm thick acrylic square 20mm x 20mm
6 x 3mm thick acrylic rectangles 20mm x 66mm
8 x 3mm thick acrylic rectangles 20mm x 46mm
WS2812 lights or other LEDs

G Clamps
Sand Paper
Danish Oil
All the acrylic and cubes were ordered on eBay to the sizes above. There were multiple companies that would laser cut acrylic to requested sizes. Quotes did come in at a range of prices so it is worth asking for a few quotes.

I would suggest over-ordering so you can practice glueing parts together.

Before we get started the biggest tip is to use as little glue as possible and use gloves to protect your fingers from the glue.”

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