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Brief Abstract about my project:-
A CNC machine or computer numeric machine is designed to control various machinery functions using computer programs. In this project, the machine is made such that the code made for it can be used to draw the outcome of that code. This concept is used to make logos, drawings and other artwork in real less time. Portraits and sketches can be made like as of an artist’s masterpiece.
All we have to do is make a code of that picture. Yes! So what we are doing in this project is that firstly, we need a picture in png. or jpeg. form and that picture’s outline is converted into g-code (this can be done with the help of various apps that offers to do so). So the g-code is a program that will be used to run the CNC machine to draw that code’s picture. We have already prepared some g- codes for our CNC machine, which includes the outline of a tattoo. We are using plain white sheets as a screen where the pen inserted in a machine can draw. The movement of this pen is controlled by the motors used for X, Y and Z axis (where these axes are instructed through the G- code). We are using 8mm motor for X and Y axis and one servo motor for Z-axis.”

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