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Hi, friends in this article i will show you How to Make TV Ambilight with Arduino this is a very easy and awesome project made with Arduino

Arduino is one of the best open source microcontroller board with which i built lots of interesting projects make sure to check them in my older posts

What Ambilight means ?
Ambience in general means our surrounding which is termed usually for good looking surroundings

Ambilight is a new technology in light that creates mesmerizing light effects behind or around the television which will correspond to content in the video

This is recent technology and its growing nowadays everyone wants their ambilight TV at their home

Benefits of Ambilight
Ambilight TVs resist eye strain, especially for those who prefer to watch movies in the evening. With this adaptive technology, there is a sense of presence, visually the image appears wider.

These and other advantages can be attributed not only to TV shows and movies, but also to games – many gamers noted that the backlight makes the game spectacular, bright, dynamic.

Features of Ambilight
The patented system is implemented in many TV models, but it interacts with different devices in different ways:

LED strip is placed on both sides – an excellent choice in favor of comfort when viewing in a small room;
The tape is located on three sides – this option allows you to feel the full depth of the image. They are often chosen in rooms where the equipment will be installed on a pedestal or stand;
Illumination around the perimeter is important for spacious rooms when the device is mounted on a wall.
The lighting can adapt to the content shown on the screen.

What you need for Ambilight
Back lighting is a spectacular yet very simple technology that analyzes the color gamut of a frame and scatters the lighting on two, three or four sides of the body.

The resulting effect is able to conquer the most demanding user.

The illuminated wall, located behind the back of the case, complements the picture with light, making it rich and voluminous.
To Make Ambilight for a TV , you will need some material:
- LED strip WS2812B
- Arduino Nano and UNO will also work (Actually you use any microcontroller that supports SPI)
- mini breadboard
- Jumper wires
- Terminal to DC jack
- Mini USB to USB A
- 5V power supply for the LEDs
- A computer
- Arduino IDE with Programming cable”

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