This arduino mini CNC or XY plotter can write and make designs within the range of 40x40mm.
Yes this range is short, but its a good start to jump into the arduino world.
[I’ve given everything in this project, even PCB, Proteus File, Example design and alot of more data, I hope you’ll like it and help me support my instructable and YouTube channel.]
The main thing that means alot is you need to know how to control the stepper motor. Generally there are two types of stepper motors which are widely being used.
Bipolar (has 4 wires) Unipolar (has 5-6 wires)PARTS:
OLD DVD/CD rom slides Mini Tower Servo Motor Arduino 2pcs L293D (H-bridge Driver IC)The motor and slides for this drawing robot are salvaged from old DVD roms. Remember one difference that is in the threads of the motor shaft. As we know that DVD’s stepper has threaded shaft already attached which spins. So, the distance from one thread to another should be same as for the second DVD rom slide.
Now the both slides are taken. You need to test your motors now. In order to test make connection as shown in the diagram.”


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