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Hey Everyone how you doin!
So recently I made this MICRO FIGHTER BOT which was a small Bluetooth-controlled robot that moves really fast.
PANDACORN BOT is a variant of MICRO FIGHTER BOT which has few tweaks like increase length & Height, and a PANDA-UNICORN Hybrid PCB in front which kinda looks like this robot face.
It works exactly the same but the only difference is PCB added at the front part, Pandacorn PCB is another project of mine that I made a few weeks ago.
It’s basically a PCB Badge that has LEDs in the Horn Part, LEDs are controlled by a mosfet and this mosfet is controlled by an onboard Attiny13A. In this version, I removed everything from the PCB badge except for the LEDs and Mosfet and use D9 Pin of Arduino Nano to drive the LEDs with a Fade Sketch added into the main code.
In this Instructables, I’m gonna show you guys how I prepared this setup in few easy steps! Let’s get started

These are the stuff needed for this BOT Project

3D Printed parts-

Base x 1
Motor Mount x 4
Front Shield x 1
Long Pillars x 2
Long Pillar with pandacorn support x1
Front and rear rail x2
Components for BOT Base-

L293D Motor Driver IC
Arduino NANO
Custom PCB
Micro Gear DC Motor
Female Header Pins
DC Barrel Jack
4.7uf Cap 1206 Package
22uf Cap 1206 Package
SMD LED 0603 Package
1K Resistance 0603 Package
HC01 Module (SMD Version, not the HC05 module which is for breadboard)
Battery JST Connector

Components for PANDACORN-
Custom PCB
LEDs 0603 Blue
A03400 Mosfet
10K Ohms Resistors”

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