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Bootloader PIC18F2550

Build a bootloader board with the PIC18F2550, which you will able to program your microcontroller directly from your PC to the board.

This is a small board which use the well know Pic18F2550, this microcontroller is easy to find in the electronic stores and most of the electronics hobbyist have one of them in their stock. So in this opportunite We are going to build a develpment board, which means that will have all the neccesary to work and test our codes and projects.

- USB support is the most important feature of self PIC 18f2550; you can have a quick communication with your computer via USB
- Power Led: indicates whether the + 5v USB Supply
- Push button integrated for reset
- Very affordable to find the componets
- Programming by a small aplication from our PCB
- Interfacing via USB HID (Human interface devide)”

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