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Probability is an important concept in Physics since many physical interactions can have multiple outcomes. This project is a hands-on exhibit to allow students to see the results of dice rolls to get a better intuitive feel for probability and the difference between single events and many events averaged together.

One description can be found at this site at Georgia State University:…

This project uses a 16x16 array of WS2812b LEDs (“Neopixels”) and an ESP8266 CPU (a Wemos D1 Mini). A single pushbutton switch is used to roll the dice. The display shows the dice roll as dice pips for the two dice. The total of the dice is shown as a number, and the display also plots how many times each total was rolled. Once any total reaches 16 times, the run stops.

A second mode rolls the dice 1000 times for each press of the pushbutton. The resulting plot of the times each total is seen (divided by 1000) shows a much more typical chart of the odds of each total.”

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