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Tinkering with Linear Motion: How to build a MicroMod Rail Car

How I made a simple linear motion system using MicroMod, Qwiic breakouts, and 3D printed parts.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different DIY solutions for linear motion so that I can design and build my own custom plotters and CNC machines. This simple project encapsulates the basic elements of a linear motion system. Using the MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board as a chassis, this linear motion system could be adapted for any number of applications, or you could even just build it for fun.

From the hardware store:

- 1/16” thick, 1/2”x36” Aluminum Flat Bar (X2 - for rails)
- Screen Door Tension Spring with Roller, Academy 2-pack (X2)
- String
- small wood screws (for mounting rail holders, optional)”

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