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… another contribution to the topic “Tensegrity”. The main difference to the other models is that the tension in the middle is not created by a thread but by the attracting force of two magnets. Therefore the top is of course not as loadable as with a thread or a nylon string. But all the more interesting for the eye!

After all - so I show in my video - the construction can carry light objects. The closer the magnets are to each other, the more weight the plate can carry. Please note that if the magnetic tension is too high - for example, if the magnets are too close together - this can soon lead to the printed parts bending. Note, this object is primarily intended to impress the eye and not necessarily to carry weight!

The the magnetic attraction (that alone is surprising at first … one would expect the opposite to be the case) - besides the four threads connecting hexagon plate and base - builds the tension structure in this object. It’s a bit magical how the physical conditions create a tension that makes this object a unit - a perfect unit. At first sight a bit confusing … you have to look twice to understand the principle.”

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