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Simulation Steering Wheel Controller

I grew up playing Mario Kart Wii and fell in love with racing games when I was a kid. When I graduated to playing the arcade version I wanted a steering wheel to use at home that included all the improvements and functionality that I could ever want. So, I decided why not build one myself! This steering wheel works with any racing game because you can rebind the controls to whatever you want, even emulating keyboard and mouse inputs.

My name is Pranshu Agnihotri, and I’m a senior atIrvington High School. I built this project with the help of Ms. Berbawy of Berbawy Makers as my SIDE Project in Principles of Engineering. I hope you enjoy the process, and maybe even build your own!


- Arduino Leonardo
- Micro-USB to USB-A Cable
- 50K Ohm Potentiometer
- Limit Switches (I harvested small ones off an old Ender 3)
- M8x1.25 150mm Threaded Rod
- M5x0.8 35mm Screws (x6)
- M5x0.8 Nuts (x6)
- Epoxy / Glue
- Assorted Jumper Wires
- Neodymium Magnets (any size will work, these are the ones I used)
- Any generic 608 Ball Bearings (x2)


- 3D Printer
- Laser Cutter
- Soldering Iron + Solder
- Tip Tinner, Sponge (Recommended)”

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