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The ESP12-E based nodeMCU fetches weather data set from the internet, process them, and display it on a Graphical LCD based on ST7920.

When it comes to making a weather reporting device, sensors are the first to come to mind. There are lots of such weather projects available that use a separate sensor for each weather parameter. You need temperature and humidity sensors for measuring ambient temperature and humidity in the air around us, pressure for measuring atmospheric pressure. It is fine if you need to see two, three-parameter, but what about measuring near a dozen of weather parameters like wind speed, wind gust, visibility, and much more. That would not only increase the cost per sensor but would also make the project messy hooking these numbers of sensors and bulky in the form factor.

So Internet Weather Station reads 13 different weather parameters, comes as an inexpensive solution, and without compromising the number of parameters you wish to read. Let us see the weather around us making this project step by step!”

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