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There are three remotes on the living room table. To watch your favourite show you have to precisely follow a special sequence of button pushes on at least two of them. And your roommate, mom, girlfriend never remembers those..
You buy a Logitech Harmony ;-)
But if you don’t want to spend this money you can build something similar for under 10$.By connecting a infrared LED to a ESP8266 ( like an Arduino but with WiFi onboard) we can easily construct a device with which we can control devices with a small webpage from any computer or mobile phone in your WiFi.
What you need
NodeMCU development board (they ship from Asia for < 5) IR sensor ( OS-1838B or TSOP38238) IR LED 100 Resistor NPN Transistor (i.e. 2N2222) small piece of prototype PCB four pin connector that fits on the NodeMCU (i.e. floppy disk power adapter)If you have an old remote you probably can use the IR LED and the transistor from it.”

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