It is true though, as much as I love film and development, twisting a spindle for 11 minutes or 20 minutes seems a complete waste of anyone’s time. This is where the ‘Spinmatic’ comes to save the day, so you can have perfect timely development and rest after a long days shoot!

The Story
Awhile back I saw this idea from another photographer Lilly Schwartz . I thought that it was a really clever piece of trickery. It must have been about a year ago I first saw her write up and instructions. So a few weeks ago I managed to have some precious time to purchase, build and learn a bit about 3D printing. I really thought 3D printing would be difficult but to be honest it’s not. In fact it’s so much fun to the point of addiction nearly. I just wish I had such technology to hand when I was fourteen years old, but maybe maturity has at least kept me in some ways focused. Lilly’s design had stayed in my head and I thought would it be great to take it to the next step ?
I had christened my Automator project, the ‘Spinmatic’ and why not! It involves the knowledge of not only photography but four very different arts combined. This is what makes 3D printing so exciting right now. For example, you are into some hobby, you search for models relating to your hobby on Thingiverse and start making. Then you even make you own idea into reality and then share it. How great is that!
So I had the basics at hand in each of the four fields - electronics, 3D printing, programming and film photography. I had started developing my own black white film at home for the past couple of years. While doing this I had required a reawakening of electronics from my work colleagues who explained the Arduino and ESP8266 microcontrollers. Now my passion in these fours areas could be brought together to make something amazing or at least useful! Hence why the ‘Spinmatic’ was developed (sure, no pun intended).”