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Atmega328P Fuse Reset

Instruction Manual PDF has all the necessarily files and schematics for the build.
This project uses the Arduino Nano Microcontroller to reset Fuse bytes and erase Flash and EEPROM for ATMEGA 328/328P. By using the Arduino Nano with a BJT, this device will reset the Flash Program memory, EEPROM Data memory, Memory Lock bits, and Fuse bits in the ATMEGA 328/328P using HIGH VOLTAGE PARALLEL PROGRAMMING.
Instructions Insert ATMEGA328/328P as shown
Connect 12V Power
Ready when GREEN LED stops flashing
DISCONNECT POWER to avoid frying the Arduino Nano
Notes DISCONNECT POWER WHEN UNUSED. For unknown reasons, the voltage regulator on the Arduino Nano (even the original one) heats up and could damage the Nano.
This project is targeted for students who are learning to program their ATMEGA chips. It provides an easy and cheap solution to reprogram misconfigured Fuse/Lock bits.
Learn more about HIGH VOLTAGE PARALLEL PROGRAMMING instructions from Section 28.6 in the ATmega48A/PA/88A/PA/168A/PA/328/P datasheet.
Arduino Nano
1kOhm x2
BJT 2N3904
12V DC Power Supply

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