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THIS is a simple , fun , and easy DIY project that kids and adults can enjoy making .
POV or persistence of vision projects are interesting and fun projects to build. all you need are a motor led, and some easy to find components, if you liked this project feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and support me with nice words.
the build materials are:
12 volts motor( medium size)
Arduino nano

3144 hall effect sensor

8 leds ( high bright led i used white but red is cool too )
3.7 lipo battery

8 NPN transistors : 2n3904_
lipo battery charging circuit : tp4056

*on of switch : optional
NOTE 1: the battery is optional you can go with 9v battery but its heavy and ugly and wont last for long .
NOTE2 : in case using 9v batt you should use resistors or you will burn your led”

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