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Control Cybot from any device that has Wi-Fi and a Web Browser.

I wanted to give Cybot Sight, that is, add a camera to Cybot.

To do this, I decided to use an ESP32-CAM module.

This modification has been done on a Cybot that has had the Power Upgrade.

Added issues 53 and 54.
I also recommend it has the 8v regulator fix that was issued with issue 59.
With regards Power, you may also want to do this first: Converting Cybot to Run on Four 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Batteries : 22 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
The skill set required (Some assumptions)

Cybot: you have some knowledge of Cybot. (Back in 2001 Eaglemoss started the release of a fortnightly magazine called Ultimate Real Robots, that came with parts to build your own robot.)
3D printer: You know how to use it.
Circuit Board: You have some basic soldering skills.
Arduino: You have some experience of making and uploading Sketches. I have put links to help in the Instruction.


As this is an addition/modification to Cybot, you will need Cybot built up to issue 59.

I have made some mounts for the camera board.

I have attached all the STL Files needed.
Those identified with _R will need a mirrored version also making.
Purchased parts needed are as follows:

- ESP32-CAM Module.
- FTDI Programmer. (check notes)
- Arduino NANO
- Logic voltage changer.
- Perf-board
- The cable I use is four or three way JR flat servo cable, There are many AWG sizes, I mostly use 22 or 26 AWG depending on the price. I find the four way is good for when I use I2C devices.
- 2.54mm Dupont Connectors. I start with a kit and refill it as needed.”

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