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Arduino Nano Quadruped Robot

My name is Jaylan and I made this project for my Principles of Engineering class with Ms. Berbawy. It took around 6 months to finish due to only working on it on some days of the week. This Instructable will go through my building process for creating the Arduino Quadruped.

I wanted to build this project after I saw a picture of a Minikame Quadruped in Hackspace Magazine. I also saw many other creations on Instructables like an QUATTRO created by Technovation and the 3D Printed Quadruped from Ijunqian. Throughout the whole process I referenced those websites to help me build my 8 DOF Quadruped Robot from scratch.

Special thanks to our POE teacher Ms. Berbawy!

The project was 3D printed so the body and the legs of the quadruped were all designed by me. Everything else was purchased on Amazon.

Whole Body:

- PLA Filament or PETG Filament
- Arduino Nano
- Arduino Nano Expansion Shield
- 8 MG996R 55g Metal Servo Motor
- M3 Screws (usually come with sg90 servos)
- Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro (any compatible power source is fine)

Tools Used:

- Drill and drill bits”

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