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Starting out in the world of electronics and robotics can be quite daunting at first. There are many things to learn at the beginning (circuit design, soldering, programming, choosing the right electronic components, etc) and when things go wrong there are many variables to keep track of (wrong wiring connections, damaged electronic components, or error in the code) so it is really hard for beginners to debug. A lot of people ended up having a lot of books and buying many modules, then eventually lost interest after encountering multiple problems and getting stuck.
Digital programming made simple with the Samytronix Circuit Learn - NANO!
Starting 2019 I will label my projects Samytronix.
The Samytronix Circuit Learn - NANO is a learning platform that is powered by an Arduino Nano. With Samytronix Circuit Learn - NANO, we can learn the necessary basic concepts that are needed to get started to dive deeper in the world of electronics and programming with just a single board. It simplifies the learning experience of Arduino programming by eliminating the need of soldering or using a breadboard and rewiring the circuit every time you want to start a new project. Better yet, Samytronix Circuit Learn - NANO designed to be compatible with the famous block-line programming language, Scratch, so you can learn programming concepts quicker and easier while still having the flexibility to add more components like a continuity tester, servo-motors, and a distance sensor.”

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