Computer Engineering Final Simon Says Game

My Idea:
My project is the Simon Says Game. In this game there are four LEDs and four buttons. Music will play from the buzzer while the LEDs light up matching the music. Then the game will start. A LED will light up and you have to click the button matching the led that lit up. If you get it right the LEDs will flash and music will play from the buzzer and if you get it wrong less will flash and different music will play from the buzzer. The Game will automatically restart when you lose.
I got the idea from aninstructable about the “Arduino - Simple Simon Says Game” made by faziefazie. In the instructable he makes a Simon says game similar to mine except he uses RGB LED’s whereas I just used different color LED’s because I wouldnt have had enough pins for all for RGB LED’s. I got my code from a different instructable called “Arduino Simon Says” made by mpilchfamily. He also made a Simon says game except he used an older version of the Arduino.”


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