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A Truth or Dare generator based on Markov Chain

Trouble Maker is a game-gadget that generates random prompts for Truth or Dare using Markov Chain. Truth or Dare is a classic party game, which places the player in a dilemma between answering a personal question or performing a challenging task. However, running out of prompts is a common pain point of the game. It is challenging to continuously devise clever prompts yourself and the prompts you can find online are often limited and repetitive in content.

We propose an innovative way to generate prompts using Markovify — a simple machine learning generator based on Markov Chain. Markovify predicts the next word based upon its previous word, but not the whole sentence. The fact that this machine learning model doesn’t really understand the true meaning of each sentence results in the absurdity of the prompts, and makes it more unpredictable. By using a series of selected inputs, including both absurd and serious content, Morkovify can generate ‘infinite’ challenges for the players that are beyond the human imagination.”

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