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I thought I would do a small tool. A Pair of Electronic Dividers, to show the basic principles of a Hall-Effect Sensor.

I did a little video just to show there use, while I was making the video I thought I would show how I find the poles of the magnets used.

I will be using my 3D Printer to print the parts needed.

Other materials can be used, but accuracy is a key factor in the assembly.
I will be using a 49E Sensor with two magnets.

The 49E is a small, versatile Linear Hall-Effect Device.
I will be using an Arduino NANO to do the calculations.

The AtMega328p only has a 10 bit DAC, calculations use Sine, so there will be limits.
I will be using a 1602 display to show the results.

A 1602 display is a 2 line 16 characters per line display.”

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