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The education and home market is flooded with modular electronics ‘learning’ systems designed to teach kids and adults key STEM and STEAM concepts. Products such a LittleBits or Snapcircuits seem to dominate every holiday gift guide or parent blog for educational toys. However, these systems always come with a heft price tag attached and many feel more like toys than learning tools.
About three years ago we started started designing Crazy Circuits as a low cost, reusable, modular, non-soldering, fun, system that could be used as an actual learning tool. We wanted something that parents and teachers could easily integrate with kits they already had or inexpensive off the shelf components. Something for both the Maker Community to enjoy as well as the average adult.
In the end Crazy Circuits was everything we hoped for and more. The system worked flawless with any LEGO based environment, could easily be used with conductive thread for sewing, and easily scaled from simple circuits up through basic programing. Oh, and it was fun to use as well which made all our lives easier.
In this write up we’re going to show you how we designed Crazy Circuits components, our curriculum, how you can make and design your own parts, and ways that Crazy Circuits works with other systems.”

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