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Hey everyone! welcome to my instructable where I will show you how I made this ESP8266 01 development board which I like to call ESP-O-ONE.Since I started working with electronics and specially with the ESP boards have always found the ESP8266 01 Board highly underrated but with full of features and capabilities. So I went ahead and made all in one development board which contains an inbuilt programmer and access to GPIO pins of the ESP board along with programming and reset functionalities. With this board you can connect modules which support I2C communication such as OLED displays,accelerometers,temperature sensors,modules with one wire communication protocol and much more. The GPIO pins of the ESP can also be used as a digital input output interface to connect simple digital logic elements like LEDs, push buttons etc.

This is going to be a fun instructable so let’s get started!

ESP8266 01 board
CH340G USB to serial converter IC
12 Mhz crystal
Micro USB breakout board
4 pin female header pins
A small switch
AMS1117 3.3V regulator
100uF capacitors -2
22pf ceramic capacitors -2
1 Kilo ohm resistors - 3
2.2 Kilo ohm resistor- 1
Veroboard of dimensions 5 cm by 5 cm
Soldering iron and accessories
Breadboard(and jumper wires) for testing”

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