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The World's Smallest WiFi Motion Alarm

This is the world’s smallest motion alarm that has WiFi capabilities, built using an ESP-01. When someone moves within the range of the sensor, it detects the motion and sends a web request to Webhooks. From there, IFTTT can do anything you like - send text messages, call your number, send you a notification, email, etc.
Theft and break-ins are becoming more common these days. To counter this, motion sensors are used, but they are often quite bulky. The intruders can easily see those and avoid them. What if they can’t see the sensor? They would be robbing the house thinking there are no sensors, but in reality, you will know everything that’s going on! This is what this project is aimed at.

- ESP-01 (or ESP-01S)
- Adafruit BL-412 mini basic PIR sensor
- Adafruit simple USB-C breakout
- Adafruit universal protoboard
- LD1117 3.3v voltage regulator (or equivalent)
- ESP8266 USB Programmer
- 8 female header pins
- USB-A to USB-C cable”

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