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ESP-01 Programmer Hack - the Easy One :)

Hi ESPers,
In this instructable I’ll be showing you a simple hack to make a programmer for ESP-01 / ESP8266-01 / ES-01 module. Most of us have used a Arduino board or FTDI USB-TTL devices as programmers for this module. Both method works fine. But there is one more way!

Recently I bought a USB to UART/ESP8266 device for this module as a replacement of FTDI. But I soon realized that It is not as flexible as FTDI to use it as a programmer :(

So being an engineer I checked if it can be used as a programmer…And presto ! I hacked it a little to convert it to one. And now here it is for you to make your life easy.

List of materials

USB to UART/ESP8266 - 1
Two 6mm tactile buttons - 1
Two Resistors or Some jumper wire
Piece of veroboard / dot board - 1

List of tools

Knife & hacksaw
Soldering kit
Glue gun
Cutting pliers
Rasp or sand paper (not shown in image)”

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