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The project was made with the intention of being used at home, being a simple gas leak and high temperatures detector that uses ESP-01 and sends an alert by the IFTTT to your phone.

For the project the following items will be used:

1 ESP-011
Gas Sensor mq-91
Temperature Sensor dht-111
Voltage Calculator ams1117 (5v to 3,3v)
All of these materials can be found easily on the internet. If the idea is to do this project as soon as possible, it is recommended to buy the items on the “Mercado Livre” website (if you’re in Brazil), since it is safe, fast (about 1 week or 2 the items arrive at the destination) and cheaper than in conventional stores. However, if the project is not in a hurry, it is much cheaper to buy items abroad such as Ebay, Aliexpress, etc. But there is no guarantee of when and if the product will arrive at its destination.”

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