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10x10 RGB Led Matrix

12V mini cyclone vacuum cleaner

2.5A Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver using A3979

3D Printed Arduino OLED Watt Meter

4 Channel Large Current Relay Board

555 Useless Machine V

7 Segment Up/Down Counter

A Bidirectional Visitor Counter using AVR ATmega16 V

A fast µC to FPGA bus

A Little Joule Theif Flashlight Charger for Smartphones

A new standard in robotics

Arduino Solar Tracker (Single or Dual Axis) V

Arduino Spectrum Analyzer on a 10x10 RGB LED-Matrix V

Arduino Theremin With Variable Pitch and Volume V

CertiKOS: A breakthrough toward hacker-resistant operating systems

Cheap and Easy ESP8266-01 Programming Jig - use with Arduino IDE

Customizable Escalator v2

Designer materials create miniature computer circuits

Desk Amplifier with Audio Visualization, Binary Clock & FM Receiver

DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor) and Arduino

eDOTcore: Simple Neopixel ring clock

Emulate a WeMo device with ESP8266

ESP8266 Control Servo Node-RED MQTT (Mosquitto) IoT V

ESP8266 Soil Moisture Sensor With Arduino IDE V

GY 89 Gyro Accelerometer Sensor Module for Multiwii Quadcopter

Hacking the Lego Mindstorms RCX With an Arduino

Home Automation With ESP8266 WiFi Without Using Blynk!

How to make Solenoid Engine V

How to post data to google sheets using ESP8266

IOT Farm + Timelapse Cayenne Arduino/Raspberry

Jar Planter Openscad

Keyfob Deadbolt With Arduino Uno R3 and RF Transmitter and Receiver

Led Tester / Current Limiter V

Make a CHIP Robot V

Make a WIFI Word Clock

Make an Electric Motor V

Mario Kart Robot

Maze Solver Robot, using Artificial Intelligence with Ard… V

MicroPython OLED Watch V

Microsoft doubles down on quantum computing bet

Miniature WiFi device developed by Stanford engineers supplies missing link for the Internet of Things

New Clues Emerge in 30-Year-Old Superconductor Mystery

NXP Introduces Industry’s Smallest 8-pin GX Logic Package for Mobile, Portable and IoT Applications

Nylon fibers made to flex like muscles

Parking Buddy - Arduino Neopixel IOT Parking Assist V

PROTO power meter - Measuring AC power with the Industruino PROTO

PSoC 4: Bluetooth Controlled LED Chandelier V

Raspberry PI Projects Book 2

Resistor Storage / Sorter with Wall Mount

Rf controlled buggy

RFID Parking Solution using Raspberry Pi V

Robô da Alegria (“Joy Robot”)

/Schiaparelli landing investigation makes progress

Scientists have developed a zero-gravity metal 3D printer for space


STMicroelectronics Boosts Trusted Computing with New Advanced Security Modules

T³: Programming an ATtiny84A from Arduino

The MagPi 52

This tiny electronic device applied to the skin can pick up heart and speech sounds

UCR Researchers Discover New Method to Dissipate Heat in Electronic Devices

VGA Bomber With Arduino Uno

Wi-Fi jamming device based on ESP8266

Zero-Shot Translation with Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System

3D Printed Helping Hands for soldering electronics

3D printed Rover will be IoT. V


A Hidden Ocean Beneath Pluto’s Icy Heart

Arduino Bluetooth Car

Arduino One Powered Catapult V

Arduino Vu Meter Using A Sound Sensor V

Arduino Wakeup Lights

Baidu’s self-driving cars begin public test in Wuzhen, China

CR2032 to CR2430 Adapter (SCAD)

Custom Multicopter Flight Controller

DIY Logging Thermometer

DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Game Console V

DIY Sentinel ROV V

ESP8266 with 3.5” KeDei LCD module

FM Radio With Si4703, Arduino Pro Mini and 3.3V Large LCD

HI-FI 4 Channel Audio Amplifier VERY Simple and CHEAP!!!!

Home Monitoring With Wireless Sensor Nodes

How to Build a Portable, Accurate, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

How to make a robot V

IKEA Lack Infinity Table

Intel Announces $250 Million Investment for Autonomous Driving

Leslie Birchinator - Neopixel Arduino MIDI switch V

LittleArm: Arduino Robot Arm V

Make own remote temperature/humidity sensor

Make Your Own Custom Shortcut Buttons With an Arduino V

Measuring weight using a load cell & PSoC

Meet Piccolissimo: The World’s Smallest Self-powered Controllable Flying Vehicle

Microsemi is First FPGA Provider to Offer Open Architecture RISC-V IP Core and Comprehensive Software Solution for Embedded Designs

Microsoft open-sources P language for IoT

Mini cnc - feita de aço e material reciclado V

Netatmo DualScreen Station


PasswordKeeper on Aruino Pro Micro or why keep it simple when elaborate way exists!

PoisonTap - siphons cookies, exposes internal router & installs web backdoor on locked computers V

PSoC 4: Natural Gas Leakage Alarm System for Kitchen Safety V

Rangefinder for Garage Parking With Arduino V

Reprogramming Blinky kits with ICSP programming

Researchers found mathematical structure that was thought not to exist

Shenzhou-11 separates from Tiangong-2 as astronauts prepare for reentry

Simple Arduino Home Energy Meter V


SMD 555 Timer Piano! V

Sound Signal Generator V

SpaceX files FCC application for internet access network with 4,425 satellites

Spectrum Analyser Code

The Cray® XC50 and NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU - the Next Giant Leap in Compute Performance

Tiny electronic device can monitor heart, recognize speech

Tiny Lisp Computer 2

TI’s ultra-low power Sub-1 GHz LaunchPad development kit is first to be Sigfox verified in Japan

Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum-Ion Battery V

World’s fastest quantum simulator operating at the atomic level


AMS - Advanced Monolithic Systems


Atmel Corporation

BBC Micro:Bit









Maxim Integrated


Microchip Technology

National Semiconductor (TI)





Raspberry Pi

STM Nucleo


Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments LaunchPad





2016 Ends with Three Supermoons


Another webcam microscope

Arduino + AD9850 30MHZ DDS Signal Generator In 12$ V

Arduino based digital scale with HX711 and VFD display V

BeatFlower With Digispark/ATtiny85 and WS2812b V

Binary Game V

Build your own I2C sensor

Computers Made of Genetic Material?

Customizable Plant Pot

DeepMind and Blizzard to release StarCraft II as an AI research environment

DIY Arduino Propeller LED Display V

DIY Sip-and-Puff Controlled Toys V

Faster programs, easier programming

Geek Clock: FiBiNo Fibonacci Binary Arduino Clock

How to make a Attiny13 Programmer

LED Interactive Copper Etching

Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumours with precision

Measurement Of RPM Of DC Motor Using Arduino And IR LED

Microchip Launches New Generation of 8-bit AVR® MCUs with Core Independent Peripherals

Microlathe - The Parametric, Printable Lathe


New ‘optofluidic’ technology taps power of diatoms to improve sensor performance

newelectronics 8 Novembro 2016

Obstacle Avoidance Robot Using TI Launchpad MSP432 V

Parametric Coin Cell Holder

PIC16F 28/40 Pin Development Board

Prime Numbers in a Box V

Raspberry Pi Surveillance Rover (Land Drone)

RGB MATRIX Displays time and environmental data

Rotilio & OLED LCD display integration via SPI protocol

Scientists set traps for atoms with single-particle precision

Semiconductor-free microelectronics are now possible, thanks to metamaterials

Spider Robot With Arduino

The “Mars Rover” emulator

The Ocean’s Robots May Soon Enjoy High-Speed Internet

We Just Made a Strong Move Ahead in Autonomous Mobility

Yet another Arduino clock

3D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials

A billion billion calculations per second: where no computer has gone before

A new twist on airplane wing design

A Tiny Machine

Automotive Remote Central Locking

Build your own cheap antenna analyser

Building A 16x32 NeoPixel Display V

Convert a 3D Printer to Laser engraver | Under 40$ V

DeathGrip: Robot Claw Gauntlet V

Delivering in your city from 2017 british auto tech company charge reveals new electric truck

Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Sandia, Harvard team create first quantum computer bridge

Did Early Earth Spin On Its Side?

DIY Arduino ProMini Data Logger: 2016 Build Update

DIY Clamp (openscad)

Engineers develop new magnetic ink to print self-healing devices that heal in record time

ESP8266 Geiger counter

Face detection Security System using Pi, Node-red, IBM-Watson, Twilio, Email service V

How to make a joule thief - Boost Converter V

IoT Breathalyzer with Cayenne, ESP8266, and MQ3 Sensor

Lattice Semiconductor to be Acquired by Canyon Bridge Capital Partners, Inc. for $1.3 Billion

Led cube 3x3x3

Led Matrix Arduino Clock

Line Follower Bot

Make an LED Candle You Can Blow Out V

Making high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps

Minoca OS: A new open source operating system

Online Humidifier

Pcb stand

Penn State researchers find way to increase scanning speed

Personal Home Assistant

Pringle Can MIDI Drums V

Pringles Can Speaker

Samsung Expands its Advanced Foundry Offerings with 14LPU and 10LPU Processes

Scale from value line to high performance with TI’s new unified memory 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs)

Smartphone controlled Arduino Robot V

Toy Printing Press

Turn any IR remote control to a wireless control ON/OFF switch

Ubuntu Core 16 delivers foundation for secure IoT

Understanding and Implementing the HC-12 Wireless Transceiver Module

Use the Raspberry Pi Camera to Detect and Classify Objects in Pictures