Face detection Security System using Pi, Node-red, IBM-Watson, Twilio, Email service

Ever wanted to know who had arrived at your door step when you were away from home? Ever wanted to know when they had tried to visit your home? Wouldn’t it be good to receive some kind of notification when someone arrives at your doorstep and you are away from home and offline at the same time. This tutorial helps you set up a system where you can get a SMS to your mobile, and an email containing the photo of a person who has visited your house as an attachment file , by using an old smartphone as IP-Camera, Raspberry-Pi and a PIR-Sensor, Node-Red visual programming tool, Watson’s Visual recognition tool ,Twilio and Email service. This project can be fit to Home or Office or your Room. The smartphone has to be placed on the door so that people who came near your door was seen. You will be able to see who had passed by your door when you were away.”


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